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This page contains information about our staff.  Please also visit our Students and Future students pages.


Professor Ann McGrath, FASSA OAM
Director, Australian Centre for Indigenous History
Ph: 61 2 6125 4850
Professor Ann McGrath's profile (School of History website)


Dr Maria Nugent
Deputy Director, Australian Centre for Indigenous History
Ph: 61 2 6125 2445
Dr Maria Nugent's profile (School of History website)


Dr Lawrence Bamblett
Vice Chancellor's Scholar in Indigenous History
Ph: 6125 4459
Dr Lawrence Bamblett profile (School of History website)


Dr Patricia O'Brien
ARC Future Fellow
Ph: 61 2 6125 0157
Dr Patricia O'Brien's profile (School of History website)


Dr Martin Thomas
Associate Professor
Ph: 61 2 6125 2352
Dr Martin Thomas's profile (School of History website)


Alycia Nevalainen
Research Assistant
Ph: 0407 403 414


Affiliated Scholars


     Dr Malcolm Allbrook
     Representative ACIH Committee
     Formally Research Associate and Project Manager, ACIH
     Ph: 61 2 6125 7740
     Dr Malcolm Allbrook's Researcher profile 


     Dr Mary Anne Jebb
     Former Project manager ARC Linkage grant and continuing
     collaboration with 'Deepening Histories of Place' project
     Dr Mary Anne Jebb's Researcher profile


     Dr Allison Cadzow
     Formally Researcher on Veterans Affairs, Serving our Country ARC 
     Ph: 61 2 6125 3267
     Dr Allison Cadzow's profile (School of History website)


Dr Rani Kerin
Monograph Editor of Aboriginal History
Ph: 61 2 6125 0156
Dr Rani Kerin's profile (School of History website)


Dr Karen Fox
Postdoctoral Fellow - National Centre of Biography
Ph: 61 2 6125 8359
Dr Karen Fox's profile (School of History website)


Dr Samuel Furphy
Postdoctoral Fellow
Ph: 61 2 6125 2358
Dr Samuel Furphy's profile (School of History website)


     Emeritus Professor Barry Higman
     Professor of History
     Ph: 61 2 6125 2348
     Professor Barry Higman's profile (School of History website)


Emerita Professor Isabel McBryde

Adjunct Professors

Emerita Professor Ann Curthoys
Emerita Professor Ann Curthoy's Profile (University of Sydney)
Ann is an ARC Professorial Fellow. She has written widely on Aboriginal history, genocide theory, and race relations in colonial and modern Australia, as well as on issues of historical theory and writing. Her current research focuses on Indigenous People and Settler Self-Government in the Australian Colonies.


Jackie Huggins
University of Queensland
Jackie has been an inspiration and was co-convenor of the 2020 Summit's Indigenous theme. She's a writer, a policy advisor and a mentor.


Margo Neale 
National Museum of Australia
Margo was a Partner Investigator in our project 'Unsettling Histories: Indigenous Modes of Historical Practice' with Frances Peters Little and Ann McGrath. She has organised numerous conferences and events in collaboration with ACIH and the National Museum of Australia including 'People of the Cedars' and the Emily Kngawarreye Exhibition and associated events in Japan and Canberra.

Peter Read
University of Sydney
Peter has assisted in supervising students Abby Cooper and Serene Fernando and has been a prime mover behind the journal Aboriginal History. He was President and the main editor for many years.


Lynette Russell 
Monash University
Lynette is our latest Adjunct and contributed in 2010 to the Allan Martin Symposium held this year. We look forward to working with Lynette in the future.


Previous Visitors

Dr Robert Kenny is an ARC Research Fellow in the School of European Historical Studies at La Trobe University. He won both the 2008 Australian Historical Association’s W. K. Hancock Prize and the 2008 Victorian Premier’s Award for First book of History for The Lamb Enters the Dreaming: Nathanael Pepper and the Rupture World. His major area of research is the social history of ideas, especially the interconnection of religion and science. During his visit with the School of History, in May-September, he will research ideas of recapitulation and the equating of the ‘child-mind’ with the ‘savage-mind’ in colonial thought.


Dr Andrew Schaap teaches political theory at the University of Exeter. He is the author of Political Reconciliation (Routledge, 2005) and editor of Law and Agonistic Politics (Ashgate 2010). Andrew has a longstanding interest in the politics of the reconciliation and the struggle for Aboriginal rights in Australia. During his visit to the Australian Centre for Indigenous History, Andrew will be co-organizing a workshop on the Aboriginal Embassy with Shino Konishi. Profile

Professor John Maynard of the University of Newcastle was the Allan Martin Lecturer in 2010 and he delivered an inspiring Lecture and ran a wonderful workshop for postgraduate students.



Dave Johnson





Dr Isabelle Auguste - 2007
Aileen Blackburn - 2007
Rocque Berthiaume - 2006, Northwest Community College, University of British Columbia
Dr Tony Birch - 2005
Associate Professor Tracey Bunda - 2004

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